Round Baby Crib for Your Lovely Newborn

For you who just gave a birth or for parents going to be, the most exciting thing to do is shopping for your baby stuff. Such as baby clothes, baby shoes, and many more. Designing and styling your baby’s room is also one of the most exciting activities. When it comes to designing baby’s room, there are a lot things to do, one of them is choosing baby crib. The most common shape of baby crib is square, but if you want something anti mainstream in your baby’s room, you can choose round baby crib.

This kind of shape baby crib is simple yet unique. It is also able to be modified to make it more stylish crib for your baby.

Round Baby Crib Sheets

Round Baby Cribs


Round Baby Crib Pros and Cons

Round shaped baby crib is not only unique, it is also a lot safer compared to any other shape of baby crib, since it has no sharp edges. This shape of baby crib does not take a lot of spaces, so that it is suitable for small baby room. But round shaped baby crib is only ideal to be placed in the center of baby room and round baby crib bedding is limited and pretty hard to find.


Round Baby Crib Bedding


Round Baby Crib Designs

Round shaped baby crib is able to be modified as another form, such as princess wagon. This kind of shape baby crib also has a lot of designs, so that you do not have to be worried about how to design it. If you want to bring pure look to represent your lovely newborn, you can choose round baby crib white. This kind of baby crib will also bring clean look to your baby’s room.


Round Baby Cribs for Girls


Round Baby Crib Canopy Pros and Cons

If you want more special baby crib, you can choose round baby crib with canopy. The materials of the canopy can be wood, iron, or steel. Wooden canopy baby crib brings classic and traditional looks, while the steel one brings stylish and modern looks. Whatever the designs and the features of round baby crib you choose, this shape of baby crib is really suitable for you who prefer anti mainstream baby crib for your newborn.

Round Baby Crib with Canopy Pictures

Round Baby Crib with Canopy


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