Why Sand Is the Most Important Factor for Your Pavers

May 31, 2021 home improvement

Pavers make a fantastic addition to most areas. They provide both a modern yet classic touch to an area all the while being sturdy and durable. However, the most important factor for the stability of the stones is actually what goes under it. Paving sand in Perth is crucially important to keep your pavers in place and to create longevity. As such, it’s essential to know what sand will lead to the best results.

You need strong foundations!

Like everything in life, strong foundations are the most pivotal aspect for determining the stability of your pavers. Paving stones are a great, sturdy material but if they’re laid on poor quality sand, they will find themselves shifting and won’t be adequately locked in place. It is therefore of crucial importance to select the type of sand that will be able to bind the paving stones together, in fact it is arguable the most important of all the different tools and materials that are used during installation

The role of the bedding is significant for two main reasons. Firstly, it is an important adhesive that binds the pavers together and secondly it inhibits the growth of weeds in between the stones. Certain types of sands fulfill one of these roles but not the other. So often there is a situation where different types of sand are utilised which can be quite confusing for many homeowners. However, sand specialists make this part easy with their extensive knowledge.

What sand makes the best foundations?

Most people are aware of the necessity of sand providing a foundation for pavers. However, less people are aware of the significant variation between different types of sand and the necessity of choosing appropriate sand for the project. In order to act properly as an adhesive then the texture of the sand needs to be both coarse and granular. This is because the when these individual grains are compacted sand grind together and create an incredibly stable and immovable fixture. This will help prevent the effects of erosion and keep the pavers firmly in place. Concrete sand and mason sand do tend to work reasonably well but they do they are still subject to wearing away after a period of time, especially with the arrival of heavy rains.

Certain sand types which have been developed which cause soften upon exposure to water. This may be advantageous in regard to flexibility, it isn’t the most effective in terms of staving off erosion which might lead to some frequent reapplications.

Paving sand provides the best middle ground between those options and is definitely the best foundational choice for laying pavers. It is a specially developed alternative that provides increased stability and prevents unwanted shifting.

Explore the Multi-Purpose Uses of Paving Sand

Paving sand is a fantastic type of sand that can be utilised in many different ways. It’s coarse but finely graded texture makes it ideal for foundations of all sorts, not just pavers. Other such things include swimming pools, sports ovals, concrete pads among other things.  Additionally, as it has many similarities with brickies sand it can be used for similar functions.

Paving sand is very durable and can withstand weather effects of all kinds. As such there won’t be nearly as much risk of erosion and it will prevent any water seeping beneath the pavers and drastically reduce the threat of potentially shifting paving stones.

Where Can You Go to Find the Best Paving Sand in Perth?

When it comes to sand that will act as a foundation for your pavers, quality undoubtedly matters. If you don’t have the best foundation, you’ll end up regretting it a few years down the track. Premium Allsands provides a wide range of high-quality sand supplies from recycled fill sand to brickie sand throughout Perth and the southwest. They are an incredibly reliable company and all their sands are 100% premium. Check out their website and get the best paving sand in Perth.