Simple, Automated Skip Bin Hire in Perth

December 15, 2021 waste management

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a quality skip bin rental service in Perth. Providing a fully automated and reliable online bin hire service to Perth, Access Waste is your leading expert in skip bin hire in Perth.

We can deliver your skip bin on most occasions on the same day if you need a fast and affordable service. It’s no longer necessary to wait around for the bin to arrive before you can start your home, construction, commercial or industrial project.

If you need bin hire in Perth, Access Waste is the cheapest skip bin hire in Perth and the best option.

All Sizes and Shapes of Bins Available

Access Waste gives you access to the cheapest skip bin hire in Perth and our Perth bin hire is available in a wide range of sizes, starting at 2m3 and going up to 30m3. As tough as our bins are, we regularly check them for defects and damage to ensure your safety as you use them.

Many of our bins come with hooks that allow them to be moved easily around the construction site. Additionally, we offer mini skip bins for small jobs and confined spaces. 

We can help you determine which bin is right for you by viewing our bins online or by talking to our local Perth team.

For cheap bin hire, you should get a bin that is larger than what you think you’ll need if you’re unsure how much waste you’ll need to dispose of. Getting a larger bin first is cheaper and easier than having to order a second one later.

Can I Put Anything In A Skip Bin?

From hard rubbish to green waste, our cheap skip bins in Perth can handle it all. We recycle almost everything at local processing plants, and we’re proud of it.

Our waste is nearly all recycled, and much of it is reused in similar projects. Some hazardous items, however, cannot be disposed of in our cheap skip bins in Perth because they may harm you, our employees and the environment.

You should contact your local council for advice on disposing of the following items:

Paint and oil, asbestos, biological waste like food and perishables, chemicals and medical waste, gas bottles and insulation.

Plus, if you intend to place your skip bin on public property, such as a public footpath, road, or nature strip, you may need a permit. Our service includes securing a permit from your local council and getting you up and running as soon as possible.

Hire a Bin for a Low Price Today

Don’t hesitate to book online if you need to hire a bin. With our platform, you can get fast quotes and services across Perth, and Access Waste guarantees quality service. Customers come first at Access Waste. Request a quote for skip bin hire in Perth today.