Small Shower Ideas to Get Spacious Bathroom

Having a small bathroom it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a comfort zone for bathing. One way to turn your small bathroom into more spacious bathroom is by creating walk in small shower. There are a lot of walk in small shower ideas for various types of bathroom.

The way you choose the material will give different impact to the bathroom. For that reason, it is a must for you to consider the detail and the elements of your small shower bathroom. Those are including the tiles, the door, curtain, tub, and may more. Sometimes, you have to decide whether you have to use the item or not. The most important thing is not only about how to put all those items in your bathroom. But more than that, it is about how to put the perfect item to create spacious and comfortable or even cozy bathroom.

Just imagine that soon you will have a different small shower in your bathroom and it gives something different to your bathroom. It seems that you will enjoy your time on the bathroom after creating walk in small shower there. In fact, it can be a kind of relaxing area for you. Now, just learn how to do it well and feel the different later.


Small Shower Tile Ideas

One thing you should consider to create a small shower in your bathroom is tile. The way you choose the tile will determine the size and also your safety. The type of small shower tile ideas also depends on the theme you want to create.

For those who love contemporary small shower, you can just go with marble tile. Just choose a bright marble tile. The pattern of the tile is also useful to keep your small shower looks interesting. For modern minimalist you can apply monochrome color. You don’t have to use tile on the wall or even on the floor. Just let it be natural and you will have great small shower ideas.


small-shower-tile-ideas-design small-shower-tile-ideas-photo small-shower-tile-ideas-pictures


Small Shower Door Ideas

Besides deciding the tile, don’t forget to consider about the door. In fact, you can find small shower door ideas which make your bathroom looks spacious. For example, you can install glass door to make it more spacious and not only as a separator.

It is also possible to use less door small shower. What you have to do is giving a small separator between the bathroom and the shower. You don’t have to add any kind of door. Again, it is also a trick to keep your bathroom spacious although you have shower there. You really got brilliant small shower ideas, right?


cool-small-shower-door-ideas small-shower-door-ideas-gallery small-shower-door-ideas-images


Shower Curtain Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Door less shower is a good idea. Instead of letting it without door, you can just change it by installing shower curtain. The great thing is that you can apply shower curtain ideas for small bathrooms. The type of the curtain depends on the theme of the bathroom.

It is okay to apply curtain with pattern or not. Soft and bright color is perfect to cover up your shower. It is including bright blue, cream, white, and many more. You can also apply the curtain to cover the windows of the bathroom. It can be considered as simple small shower ideas.


best-shower-curtain-ideas-for-small-bathrooms shower-curtain-ideas-for-small-bathrooms-design shower-curtain-ideas-for-small-bathrooms-images


Tub Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Because you only have small bathroom, it is necessary to consider about the tub shower. There are interesting and applicable tub shower ideas for small bathrooms. Circular or round tub shower is a good option. It is good because you don’t need to use too many space.


tub-shower-ideas-for-small-bathrooms-design tub-shower-ideas-for-small-bathrooms-gallery tub-shower-ideas-for-small-bathrooms

The most important thing you can still comfortable while take a bath inside the tub. It is also okay for you to install square tub shower with glass door. This is the trick to have a tub shower without loosing space in the bathroom. These small shower ideas are applicable, affordable, and easy to do for a comfortable bathroom.


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