Some Theater Room Ideas You Have to Try Immediately


When you want to make your home becomes comfortable place to enjoy your time, you are better to know about theater room ideas. Nowadays, there are so many homes that consist of large room, but some people feel so confuse to decorate it well.

Actually, large room such as basement or living room can become comfortable place to watch movie with your family, or we can change the large room becomes home theater. There are so many choices for you to decorate large room become home theater.

Basement or living room can be the best choice to create home theater, as long as you apply right ideas for decorating it. For you who want to know more about theater room ideas, here the information for you.


Basement Theater Room Ideas

Basement will be a great theater room as long as you know the right tips for decorating it. Some theater room ideas you can apply is using various type of colors. For example, you can use dark color such as black and brown to decorate basement theater room.

Don’t forget to add lighting in the ceiling to make the basement looks more interesting. But for you who like bright color, you can use blue and white color to paint your theater room. Make sure you add comfortable seats. You can match the seats with the color of basement theater room to make it looks comfortable.


cool-basement-theater-room-ideas basement-theater-room-ideas-photos


Living Room Home Theater Ideas

Besides basement, living room can be perfect choice to be theater room. There are so many theater room ideas for living room. For you whowant to create warm effect in your home theater, you can use beige or cream color. Place beige sofa or other comfortable seats.

There is also other idea to create unique look in your home theater. For example, you can hang some movie posters to make your home theater looks so interesting. Other idea you can use is mural wall. It is so good to create esthetic look in your home theater.


cute-living-room-home-theater-ideas living-room-home-theater-ideas-design


Theater Room Decor Ideas

As explained before, you can choose the color first before decorating your home theater. Choose your favorite color, and then you can choose seats to be placed in your home theater. To create interesting look, you can place seats which have similar color with your home theater. To create warm look, you can add comfortable rug. And to trim your home theater, you can also add interesting curtain and lighting. Make sure the lighting is not too bright to make your home theater looks so good and comfortable for gathering with your family or friend.


theater-room-decor-ideas-photos theater-room-decor-ideas

Well, those are some information for you about theater room ideas. Actually, you can use your imagination to create interesting theater room. If you are confused to decorate your home theater, you can use the information above. Add everything that will make your home theater looks more comfortable and then you can enjoy your time in your home theater. Finally, hopefully the information about theater room ideas above will be useful for you.


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