Some Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas to Perfect Your Home Design

Do you have vaulted ceiling or have a plan to decorate your home with vaulted ceiling? If so, you are better to know about vaulted ceiling lighting. Vaulted ceiling will create the best look in every home as long as the home owner know the right lighting to complete the appearance of vaulted ceiling.

Actually, there are so many lighting ideas you can use for decorating vaulted ceiling. Some lighting ideas you can use are track lighting, skylight, pendant lighting and many more. Every type of lighting can create unique look in your home.

So, how to choose vaulted ceiling lighting for every room in your home? You can read the information below to know more about vaulted ceiling lighting and the choice for vaulted ceiling lighting in your kitchen, living room and bedroom.


Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen Lighting

If your kitchen has vaulted ceiling, you have to choose right lighting to make it looks perfect. Some choices you can use are pendant lighting and track lighting. Pendant lighting is so good for kitchen with vaulted ceiling. It creates elegant look in your kitchen.

Track lighting is also good choice you can choose. You can place track lighting above the kitchen island to give beautiful lighting in your kitchen. Other choice for kitchen with vaulted ceiling is cable lighting. It is also beautiful to perfect your kitchen design.


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Lighting Ideas for Living Room Vaulted Ceiling

Now, let’s we talk about lighting ideas for living room vaulted ceiling. For your recommendation, you can use skylight. It is a good choice to make your living room gets much natural light. When it happens, your living room will look so bright and comfortable. Other lighting you can use is track lighting. It is also good choice for your living room.

Track lighting looks so elegant because consists of some lighting, so it will create the best look in your living room. You can also combine some different lighting to make your living room more interesting than before. But, make sure it will match so well in your living room.


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Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Bedroom

After knowing the right lighting for kitchen and living room, let’s we talk about vaulted ceiling lighting for bedroom. Actually, some lighting are so good for bedroom with vaulted ceiling. For example, you can use cable lighting. It is good choice to make your bedroom looks so comfortable and warm.

Besides cable lighting, you can also use recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is lighting that looks so simple and beautiful. It will make your bedroom more interesting than before. Recessed lighting is also so good to decorate other room besides bedroom. Not only good for bedroom with vaulted ceiling, it is so good for living room and kitchen with vaulted ceiling.


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Well, those are the information for you about vaulted ceiling lighting. We can conclude that the common lighting that look so good for vaulted ceiling are track lighting, pendant lighting, cable lighting, recessed lighting and skylight. You can also combine some lighting to create the best lighting for your home. Finally, hopefully the information about vaulted ceiling lighting above will be useful for you.


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