Super Easy and Cool Washi Tape Crafts

Washi tape is getting more and more famous nowadays. It is very easy to apply. Many people love it because you can give a new look to everything which use this tape. Washi tape is popular because it is quick, cheap, removable and endless customizable. You can find a lot ofwashi tape crafts on internet which are super easy and cool.

Moreover, there are many kinds of cool washi tape crafts, cute washi tape crafts, and washi tape crafts for kids. You can try it a home, you will surely love it. You can renew the look of everything in your house and make them as if they are new by using washi tape. Your kids will love making crafts with washi tape as well as washi tapes usually are colorful and they have cute pictures on it.

You can also decorate your kitchen utensils with washi tapes. You can use your old utensils or buy the new one, decorate and give it as a homemade gift. It doesn’t need much time. Only a few minutes and you get a beautiful result. Moreover, you can use washi tapes for making little craft projects before a party. The various colors and patterns on washi tape are really eye-catching.


Simple and Cool Washi Tape Crafts

Need cute toothpicks when you serve appetizers? You can make it with washi tape. It is simple because you only need toothpicks, washi tape and scissors. These washi tape crafts are perfect for Christmas. It is ease, unique, adorable and cool washi tape crafts. For Halloween, you can decorate rainbow pumpkin.

You should get a plain artificial pumpkin and washi tape, that’s all. If you have a dinner together with your family or friends, you can use washi tape for decorating the pillar candles. Usually, the washi tapes also come in black and white patterns, so you can use permanent markers to write anything.


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Various Cute Washi Tape Crafts

There are several of cute washi tape crafts you can try at home. You can try to make dry erase frame with washi tape. Get a frame; you’d better to buy the cheap one. Then cover the top with washi tape. Then tuck the ends on the back.

Next, place white piece of paper behind it. You will have an easy dry erase board. You can have it as a note or reminder to your family. The other washi tape crafts are washi tape clothespin. Get your clothespins and lay them on the washi tape. Cut the excess tape using knife.


cute-washi-tape-crafts-pictures cute-washi-tape-crafts-photos


Fun and Easy Washi Tape Crafts for Kids

Together with your kids, you can make fun activity with washi tape crafts. You can tell them to make their own stickers from washi tape. It is so easy and the whole family will enjoy it. If your neighbor knows what you and your family did, for sure they will also imitate.


washi-tape-crafts-for-kids-images washi-tape-crafts-for-kids-photos

Do washi tape crafts for kids by decorating notebooks when your kids are back to school. Moreover, you can use the roll to make bracelets. Put the washi tape around the bracelet. Your girls will love it so much since they can wear them. It is good for their creativity as well.


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