Teal Living Room, How to Make It?

Teal living room can be an idea that will make you successful in designing a unique living room. The distinctive color will look more special and beautify the room effectively since the design is balance in color and accessorized properly. Teal is also a unique color that can make interesting palette of design.

However, teal also can over dominate the room if you don’t apply other elements that tempers the color, such as furniture or other elements in different but still harmonious textures and colors. This is the way to make the color looks much more interesting inside a living room.

Teal Living Room Paint

Teal Living Room


Teal Color on the Wall

The unique teal color will bring special look into the living room. However, you shouldn’t paint all walls in teal so the room will not look too full, heavy and smaller than its size. Just paint the teal color in one side wall of the living room and then apply lighter color for the other wall sides, such as white, light grey, etc. Then you can add the furniture and accessories in the balance colors too.

Teal Living Room Walls

Teal Wall Color Living Room


Bring Teal on the Furniture

Furniture in teal color is available in various options, such as armchairs, couch, sofa, chairs, coffee table or ottomans. The furniture in bold color will be applicable in a living room with lighter color on the wall like white, light grey, or cream. In this way, you can bring a special touch of color so the room will not look monotone. If you have had light teal living room for the walls, you can apply a single small furniture in darker teal.

Teal And Brown Living Room And Also Teal And Brown Living Room Sky Designs Ideas

Teal Living Room Furnitures


Accessories in Teal Color

There are more elements where you can apply real color inside living room including the accessories, curtains, rug and other elements. Teal curtains will be a perfect choice to bring teal color inside a light color painted living room. On a sofa with light colors, you can apply pillows in teal too. Otherwise, the accessories such as vases, table lamps, etc. are also best elements to apply with beautiful teal color. Anything in teal could also be chosen in pattern that brings more dynamic look.

Teal Living Room Curtain

Teal Living Room Curtains


Combine Teal with other Colors

It is important to combine teal color with other colors so the living room will not be too monotone. The best colors to combine with teal are white, ivory, grey, light grey, cream, brown, burgundy, etc. You can choose any color to combine but don’t too many colors to avoid cluttering look. So, just explore your imagination to bring the beautiful teal into the living room because the teal living room will bring the atmosphere of blue sea or fresh forest into your home.

Teal Color Living Room Ideas

Teal Wall Color Living Room


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