The Best Dog for Apartment Dwellers

Keeping a dog can be source of happiness for people. It is important to choose the right dog not only for the owner personality but also the residence. The best dog for apartment should be chosen if people are living in apartment.

Apartment will be different from traditional house. The dog maybe will not be taken out often. The dog should also be able to fit with the small space of apartment.

There are some great dogs which can be chosen for people who are dwelling in the apartment.



Apartment is identical with thin walls and close neighbors. In this circumstance, people can consider Basenji best dog for apartment. The dog is rarely barking. It is able to grow over 25 pounds weight or 18 inches height. Owners just have to make sure that they attend the dog properly because it can be mischievous dog when it is left without attention for long enough time.

basenji-best-dog-for-apartment-ideas basenji-best-dog-for-apartment


Bichon Frise

If people are looking for small yet energetic dog which is perfect for apartment pet, people should consider Bichon Frise best dog for apartment. The dog will not be taller over a foot. It will need play and exercise in daily basis. This will be great dog for people who have allergy since the dog will not shed often.

bichon-frise-best-dog-for-apartment-ideas bichon-frise-best-dog-for-apartment-pictures bichon-frise-best-dog-for-apartment


Boston Terrier

It is better to choose small dog breed to be kept in apartment. This can be the reason why people should choose Boston Terrier best dog for apartment. It is pretty rare to find this dog which can grow tall over a foot and a half. However, this is type of dog which can be hyper so owners should make sure to take the dog to a walk for helping it feel happy. As long as the dog can get proper exercise, the dog can be such gentle, wonderful, as well as affectionate dog.

boston-terrier-best-dog-for-apartment-ideas boston-terrier-best-dog-for-apartment


Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon best dog for apartment is another small dog breed which can be great choice for apartment dwellers. It is sturdy as well as lively. This is kind of dog which can build bond quickly with its owners since it is very affectionate. The dog also has great love for snuggling. It can be great need for the dog after all so people have to consider their apartment size before choosing this dog breed as pet.

brussels-griffon-best-dog-for-apartment-ideas brussels-griffon-best-dog-for-apartment-photod brussels-griffon-best-dog-for-apartment



Thing which people know about bulldog must be the laziness. It is types of lazy dog which can be perfect pet for apartment dweller. Keeping this dog happy is very simple because it only needs to be brought in short walk. The rest of the day will be used by this dog for lazing around and snoozing. Bulldog best dog for apartment is dog breed which is very gentle. It will not grow more than 18 inches height.

bulldog-best-dog-for-apartment-ideas bulldog-best-dog-for-apartment-photos bulldog-best-dog-for-apartment


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel best dog for apartment can be a great dog for apartment dweller since it is love cuddling. Small living place will be great for this dog since it will be really attached to the owners. However, people have to be ready with hard work in training.

cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-best-dog-for-apartment-ideas cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-best-dog-for-apartment-photos cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-best-dog-for-apartment


Chihuahua Best Dog for Apartment

There is no question that with the small size, Chihuahua best dog for apartment can be very great choice. There is no need to exercise it often and the dog loves to get close to the owners.

chihuahua-best-dog-for-apartment-ideas chihuahua-best-dog-for-apartment-photos chihuahua-best-dog-for-apartment


Apartment has characteristic which makes people should consider carefully when choosing the best dog for apartment. Small and easy to handle dog will be great option.


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