The Best Solution in Charging Station Organizer

Nowadays, people like to ask where they can plug their gadgets. It happens in all ages, not only the old on but young people tend to have problem with this dilemma. Phones and tablets are more and more popular. People have difficulties in charging station organizer. Moreover, there are two problems exist. The first one is that most of the sockets on the wall only provide two items for each. However, it can be replaced easily by using the power strip. As you know that in the power strip, with one plug, you will get five or even six gadgets to power. It is one of the popular solutions for this kind of problems.

However, the solution which people usually do to overcome the first problem arise the second problem. The second problem is that the cables and wires from the power strip and chargers are ugly to see. In addition, the cables and wires are swapped, misplaced, and tangled. Even you will find difficulties to see which cables do your phone connected. There are two solutions for this problem. You can spend more money or you can have your own charging station at home. Here are great examples to have better charging station.

Charging Station Organizer with Power Strip

Charging Station Organizers


1. Hidden in the Drawer

This solution can be found a lot in the internet rather than only having wall charging station organizer. If you have a drawer then this is the best solution to keep everything out of sight. You can place the whole lot in the drawer. It is simply to drill a hole at the drawer’s back. Then thread the cord on the power strip and plug it. Fasten the power strip to drawer so it will not move easily.


Wall Mounted Charging Station Organizer


2. Converted Shoe or Storage Box

This is inspired by the boxes to take the ribbon out. Even you can use it for apple charging station organizer. It is so simple that what you need to do is make the holes. After making holes, then resist the holes with the oval bookplates and hold it with small nails. Then put the power strip inside the box and take out the cables through the holes.


Apple Charging Station Organizer Pictures

Apple Charging Station Organizer


3. Vintage Case or Breadbox

This wooden charging station organizer is more complicated than the rest. You need to have at least the carpenter’s skills. Therefore, this vintage case or breadbox can help you not to tangle the cables and wires. The result is great as well, since it has the vintage style. With this vintage box, you will never imagine that there are wires and chargers inside. With only little fixture then you can get the great box.

Wooden Charging Station Organizer

Wooden Charging Station Organizer Pictures


4. Re-used Plastic Bottle or Old Books

You can get plastic bottle or old books which you don’t use them anymore. To make phone charging station organizer is easy. If you use the bottle, cut the bottle and apply the decoration. Hang the charger on and connect it with the phone. Moreover, you can chop up the old book with an X Acto knife and put the charger inside. It will be very good looking.

Cool Charging Station Organizer


Those are the great examples to have the charging station organizer for multiple devices. You can use it for all kind of gadgets you have. Even you can share with your families. Moreover, you can solve some problems related with the cables and wires. In addition, you will get the nice looking charging station. Hope those examples will give you inspirations. The gadgets should be charged and you will not find difficulties in charging station organizer. Now, you can just say goodbye to the jumbled and tangled cables and wires. Try it at home, or you can find many more examples online.


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