The Magnificent Things You Can Do with Pallet Wood Floor

Wooden floor for house is like a must thing to do. It’s true, but most of people can’t afford it, because it’s too expensive. Or, some of them can afford it, but using the real wood floor will only waste too much cost. Actually, there is solution for this problem.

It’s called pallet wood floor. Like its name, this wood floor is made of pallet wood, which is the part that usually thrown away by company that use wood for creating their product. Even though it looks bad and useless, with little touch it can be your unique wood floor.

And, there are many ways to apply this pallet wood for your house floor. You can use it for every room in your house, even your kitchen. More than that, you also can use it to remodel your concrete floor. Of course, with simple touch it will become beautiful floor.


Pallet Wood Floor over Concrete

As mentioned above, you can use pallet wood floor over concrete. However, to use it for remodeling your concrete floor, it’s little bit trickier. As we all know, the moisture that came from concrete are the main problem for any wood floor. So, if you just put it and glue it on top of it, the result won’t be good. It won’t last long. The solution, you can install sub floor. This will act as barrier to protect your pallet wood from moisture from concrete.

cool-pallet-wood-floor-over-concrete pallet-wood-floor-over-concrete-ideas pallet-wood-floor-over-concrete-images pallet-wood-floor-over-concrete-pictures


Pallet Wood Floor Kitchen

Actually, this is also similar with the concrete. The floor is the room where you cook and there is possibility that water or liquid will fall onto your pallet wood. Pallet wood floor kitchen usually use the sub floor as well as protection layer on top of it for protecting it from moisture. More than that, you also need to secure it with 3-inch floor nail combine it with floor glue to make it stable. You can use industrial glue and nail for stronger method to keep it intact with the kitchen floor.

pallet-wood-floor-kitchen-gallery pallet-wood-floor-kitchen-images pallet-wood-floor-kitchen-photos pallet-wood-floor-kitchen-pictures


Wood Pallet Dance Floor

The unique thing about pallet wood is you also can use it for all kinds of wood floor, including wood pallet dance floor. For this one, it’s easy to do. You just need to get pallet wood, plywood as the surface and decide the size, cut it, put glue and nail and you got your own dance floor. You can make it portable dance floor, so, whenever you have party, you can take it out and create the dance area at your house.

Wood-Pallet-Dance-Floor-Ideas wood-pallet-dance-floor-pictures wood-pallet-dance-floor



Basically, pallet wood floor is one of best choice, for you who want to get wood floor, with limited budget. It can save more money, and with some creativity, you can use it for many things, like mentioned above. Of course, if you don’t know how to install and use it, you can always ask for professional help. They will be able to give you better result, of course, with little bit extra cost.


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