The Most Expensive Bed in the World

The bed of course becomes the most important element in the bedroom as well as the house. People need to invest the best bed but maybe they will have a big question whether it is necessary or not for buying the most expensive bed in the world.

When people are talking about the most expensive mattress, it can be about the health or comfort aspect. When people are talking about the bed with most expensive price, it can be more about design and look.

Is it true? Why do not we find out further?



Some methods are used for elevating the price of the bed. It can be seen from Cosmovoide Bed most expensive bed which is designed with technology attachment. It is not just ordinary bed because it is completed with full home theater system, DVD player, and phone. It looks smooth and comfortable but maybe it is too much to be placed in the bedroom with minimalist decoration.



Majesty VI Spring Bed

Great softness can be found from Majesty VI Spring Bed most expensive bed. Jab Anstoez handcrafts this bed. Over 6,000 springs are used for building this bed. The combination of silk, cashmere, and cotton makes people’s dream about the best bedroom come true. Gold as well as silver layers can be found in the design of the bed.

majesty-vi-spring-bed-most-expensive-bed-ideas majesty-vi-spring-bed-most-expensive-bed-pictures


Quantum Sleeper Bed

The Quantum Sleeper Bed most expensive bed has some controversial features. There is ventilation system and lock down system in this bed. Some sensors can also be found including oxygen, toilet, and motion sensor. People can feel safe when sleeping in this bed. Some people maybe think that it is the bed for paranoia.

quantum-sleeper-bed-most-expensive-bed-ideas quantum-sleeper-bed-most-expensive-bed


Parnian Furniture Bed

Abdolhany Parnian hand carved this bed. Parnian Furniture Bed most expensive bed is made from wood, gold, as well as stainless steel material. There are some features added to the bed including secret compartments, iPad holders, as well as swivel television. This bed can be considered as the most expensive and most stylist bed. It is for anyone who are looking for the finest thing in the world.



Jado Steel Style Gold Bed

Placing Jado Steel Style Gold Bed most expensive bed will make the bed as the center of attention in the room. Gold becomes the dominant material which is used for making this bed. It is also decorated with Swarovski crystals. The bed is completed with surround sound system, DVD player, play station, as well as internet connection. The bed can be the place of magic in the house.

jado-steel-style-gold-bed-most-expensive-bed-ideas jado-steel-style-gold-bed-most-expensive-bed


Magnetic Floating Bed

People can say that magnetic floating bed most expensive bed is kind of cool bed. The unique part of this bed of course is the fact that the bed is floating in the air. For keeping the bed floating in the air, 680 kilograms of magnet is needed. The bed will be tied to the bed with strong wires to keep it steady. It can be the bed which offers experience of sleeping in the air.

Minimalist Magnetic Floating Bed magnetic-floating-bed-most-expensive-bed-pictures


Baldacchino Supreme Bed

The designer, Stuart Hughes also created Baldacchino Supreme Bed most expensive bed. Three wood types are used for making this bed including classy canopy, cherry, and ash wood. 24 carat pure gold is used for bed decoration. Sleeping in this bed can change people’s life for sure.



It is said that people’s life can be changed by sleeping in the most expensive bed. However, to be able to sleep and enjoy the experience in the bed, they have to change their life first so they can purchase those beds.


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