The Most Expensive Bottled Water in the World

In many places in the world, water becomes very precious thing due to the difficult access to fresh water. However, people might be shocked with the most expensive bottled water which can be found in the world.

Some bottled waters are offered with very expensive price. The price can be used for buying plenty of fresh water for sure.
Nevertheless, there is no cheap price for luxury. Luxury becomes the main thing which people are looking for from these products.


Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani most expensive bottled water is proven. Each bottle contains 750ml of water only but it is offered with $60,000 price. People can empty their pocket by buying this product for fulfilling their thirst. The water is taken from Fiji or France. The high price can be found from the solid gold bottle designed by famous bottle designer of the world. Leather case is used for covering the bottle. Inside the water, there is gold dust with about five milligrams of weight.




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Kona Nigari Water

In Japan, there is Kona Nigari Water most expensive bottled water. According to the advertisement, this water has great use for helping people lose weight, improve skin tone, as well as reduce stress. The water is unique because it is made of the sea water which is taken from thousand feet below ocean surface and desalinated.




Japan surely has various products which offer luxury including the bottled water. In Osaka, bottled water named Fillico most expensive bottled water is produced. The expensive price can be found from the design of the bottle which takes inspiration from the chess piece especially the queen and king. It also has gold crown as the bottle topping which can be related to the royalty.



Bling H2O

Bling is associated with the jewelry which people use for showing off to other people. This can be suitable with Bling H2O most expensive bottled water after all. Swarovski crystal becomes the material for making the bottle which is corked just like champagne bottle. When people open this bottle, they will get the fizz and pop just like champagne bottle. This can be the healthier version of celebration with champagne bottle.




Next, there is Veen most expensive bottled water. The water is taken from Finland. The water can be considered as the purest and freshest water in the world. It is said that when drinking the water, their thirst can be satisfied faster compared to the normal water.



10 Thousand BC

The water for 10 Thousand BC most expensive bottled water comes from the Canada coast which is exotic and distant. The location is so far away so for reaching the bottling location, people need three days. That is why the cost of production is very high. Since the location is far from civilization, there is no surprise that the water can be considered as cleanest, freshest, and purest in the world.




The Deco can bring people’s mind to the ArtDeco design for instance. People can expect the unique design from AquaDeco most expensive bottled water. The bottle has attractive and strong style. The water is taken from the springs in Canada which untouched and unspoiled.



It must be great if people can access fresh water easily. For them who think that standard fresh water is not enough for satisfying their thirst, there are several options of the most expensive bottled water which can be considered.


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