The Most Expensive Camera of the World

Camera and modern people of course cannot be separated one another. Recently people can access the camera feature easily from their smart phone but it does not mean that the camera unit is already forgotten. People even can find the most expensive camera which can be found in the world.

The camera feature on the smart phone can be more sophisticated time after time. If people are looking for better photo result, using the best camera will be necessary.

For people who have extra budget for purchasing the camera, they can consider these cameras which come with the most expensive price in the world.


Pentax 645D Most Expensive Camera

People will have question about Pentax 645D most expensive camera. The expensive price is not surprising because this camera comes with lens which has 40MP resolution. That is why picture with very excellent quality can be delivered by this camera. The printed photo also has great quality. Good quality can be found from the cropping image since the camera has large resolution. Autofocus system in this camera allows user to zoom in far points with different distance.

pentax-645d-most-expensive-camera pentax-645d-most-expensive-camera-pictures pentax-645d-most-expensive-camera-examples2


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Canon EOS 1D Mark III Most Expensive Camera

Canon surely has huge name in the camera industry and there is no doubt that there must be one camera by Canon which is included in the list. The Canon EOS 1D Mark III most expensive camera is kind of camera product with single lens. It has 10.1MP and through the lens, the camera is able to create images with excellent quality. The product has high quality since it comes with high resolution and CMOS sensor. More situations can be captured with up to 6400 range.

canon-eos-1d-mark-iii-most-expensive-camera canon-eos-1d-mark-iii-most-expensive-camera-pictures canon-eos-1d-mark-iii-most-expensive-camera-examples


Leica S2-P Most Expensive Camera

Professional photographers surely are very familiar with Leica. It can be considered as the favorite brand and the most famous brand for them. Very exceptional result can be found when using the camera from Leica for outdoor photo shoot. Leica S2-P most expensive camera comes with 37.5MP resolution completed with sensor facility. It has long life battery and water resistant feature which can be considered as the best feature from this camera.

leica-s2-p-most-expensive-camera leica-s2-p-most-expensive-camera-ideas Leica-S2-P-Most-Expensive-Camera-Examples


Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic Most Expensive Camera

There is no doubt that Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic most expensive camera is included in the list because it camera which is very professional and different. It has ability for capturing any situation view in just eight seconds for capturing 360 degrees full view. Large players such as Quicktime and Flash VR can also be found in this camera.

panoscan-mk-3-panoramic-most-expensive-camera-ideas panoscan-mk-3-panoramic-most-expensive-camera-images panoscan-mk-3-panoramic-most-expensive-camera


Phase One P65 Most Expensive Camera

Phase One P65 most expensive camera carries full sensor and that is why this camera is considered as professional camera. With those sensors, this camera can be used for capturing photos with high quality. Excellent images can be found since it comes with 15MP resolution. Excellent design can also be found from this camera with stylish and different shape.

phase-one-p65-most-expensive-camera-pictures phase-one-p65-most-expensive-camera-ideas phase-one-p65-most-expensive-camera-examples


Seitz 6 Most Expensive Camera

Seitz 6 most expensive camera offers the latest camera which has 160 million pixels. Fast clicking images become the feature of this camera. Using this camera is super easy and people can view the picture anytime in the camera. Picture transfer from camera to computer can be done easily as well.

seitz-6-most-expensive-camera-ideas seitz-6-most-expensive-camera-examples2seitz-6-most-expensive-camera-examples


Hasselblad H4D 200MS Most Expensive Camera

At the top of the list, there is Hasselblad H4D 200MS most expensive camera. The price comes from the fact that the camera has 200 million pixels resolution which is very height and useful for capturing the most beautiful picture. It has latest sensors, special effects, and very dark colors.

hasselblad-h4d-200ms-most-expensive-camera hasselblad-h4d-200ms-most-expensive-camera-ideas hasselblad-h4d-200ms-most-expensive-camera-examples


The most expensive camera can be found from various brands. The expensive price comes with some sophisticated features for creating the best quality images.


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