The Most Expensive Flower in the World

When people are talking about beauty, there will be several things which will appear in their mind. Woman can be one thing but of course people will not forget about the flowers. Flowers can be the great representation of beauty after all. Although flowers are pretty familiar for people, they might be surprised with the most expensive flower in the world.

Special flowers surely will be chosen when people want to give the flower bouquet as a gift during the special moment. Nevertheless, they surely will not spend that much money for buying the flowers.

For people who want more than just beautiful flower, here are the flowers with very expensive price.



Is there anyone who wants to pay 6-10 dollars for a stem of flower? This should be done when people want to buy gloriosa most expensive flower. It has expensive price because it is kind of rare flower which can be found in Asia and South Africa only. At the same time, this flower also has unique look. It has tendrils with long size for supporting the weight of the bloom. It also has 3 meters length leaves. This flower is pretty showy with the petals which is flexed and pronounced. The color is changing from the tip to the center.

Gloriosa gloriosa-most-expensive-flower-ideas


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17th Century Tulip Bulb

Tulip sounds like very simple flower so it must be surprising if it comes with very expensive price nowadays. In fact, this flower has very expensive price in the 17th century. Because of its beautiful shape and the colors which are deep and lush, this flower is loved deeply by the Dutch. For buying the 17th century tulip bulb most expensive flower, people have to spend 10,000 guilders.

17th-century-tulip-bulb-most-expensive-flower-ideas 17th-century-tulip-bulb-most-expensive-flower


Saffron Crocus

When people are talking about saffron flower, they will have association with the spice instead of bloom. However, people can still find it sold as flower for sure. It has purple color with yellow stamen. People can find saffron crocus most expensive flower because the yellow stamen is used for the spice and to get 500 grams of the spice, 80,000 flowers needed.

saffron-crocus-most-expensive-flower-ideas saffron-crocus-most-expensive-flower-pictures saffron-crocus-most-expensive-flower


Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

What do you think about $6,000 payment for a piece of flower? It must be super expensive price for just a flower but it is not joke when people want to buy gold of Kinabalu orchid most expensive flower. The high price can be found from its beauty as well as rarity. This flower can oly grow in the Kinabalu National Park of Malaysia and it takes long time and difficulty to grow.

gold-of-kinabalu-orchid-most-expensive-flower-ideas Gold of Kinabalu Orchid


Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid most expensive flower must be paid with about $200,000. This is the flower which comes from the human hand’s experiment. For growing and observing this flower, the researchers need eight years. It is pretty normal that because of the background, cultivation, and also rarity, it has very high price. Besides its beautiful appearance, it is said that the flower has delicate flavor as well.



Juliet Rose

This flower debuts in 2006 and it gains popularity due to the beauty as well as elegance. The Juliet Rose most expensive flower must be created by David Austin for 15 years. It must be paid with 3 million pound sterling.

juliet-rose-most-expensive-flower-ideas juliet-rose-most-expensive-flower-pictures juliet-rose-most-expensive-flower


Kadupul Flower

This is Kadupul flower most expensive flower which is priceless. The flower which is actually kind of cactus is beautiful with fragrance which is lovely and calming. However, it is impossible to pick it without damaging it.

kadupul-flower-most-expensive-flower-ideas kadupul-flower-most-expensive-flower-pictures Kadupul Flower


Those are the most expensive flower which can be found in the world. Is there anyone out there who does not mind to spend a lot of money for buying a piece of it?


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