The Most Expensive Houses in the World

Having a house can be a hard work for many people. They have to work very hard for buying a house which is simple enough for them. However, there are most expensive houses in the world which can be found.

People maybe do not have any imagination about things which can be found in the house with the most expensive price label. Is it really something where people live in with their family?

Here are the houses with the most expensive price which people can dream about.


Hearst Castle

The first house in the list is Hearst Castle most expensive houses in the world. The castle has 27 bedrooms and located in San Simeon, California. It grabs its fame since it is used in The Godfather film. Many famous people were welcome to the house from Winston Churchill to Kennedy couple. The castle is owned by the trustees of William Randolph Hearst. This castle also becomes tourist and heritage site which becomes part of the system of California Park.

hearst-castle-most-expensive-houses-in-the-world hearst-castle-most-expensive-houses-in-the-world-ideas


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Ellison Estate

Again in California particularly in Woodside, there is Ellison Estate most expensive houses in the world. It is a house but it is not kind of common house because there are ten buildings included. Besides the building, the estate also has lake which is made by man. There is also tea house, bath house, as well as koi pond. The estate is owned by the co founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison.

ellison-estate-most-expensive-houses-in-the-world-ideas ellison-estate-most-expensive-houses-in-the-world-pictures ellison-estate-most-expensive-houses-in-the-world


18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens

Near the living place of Prince William and Kate Middleton, there is house which is considered as the most expensive house which can be found in the world. 18-19 Kensington Palace Garden most expensive houses in the world in London comes with 12 bedrooms. It also has indoor pool, Turkish bath, as well as the parking lot for 20 vehicles. It is owned by the head of Arcelor Mittal manufacturer, Lakshmi Mittal.

18-19-kensington-palace-gardens 18-19-kensington-palace-gardens-ideas


Four Fairfield Pond

There is no surprise that Four Fairfield Pond most expensive houses in the world come with high price since it is located in 63 acres area. It is also completed with 29 bedrooms. The building is also supported with power plant. The fact that the building has dining room with 91 feet length and 39 bathrooms just because other proofs about the luxuries in this building. The building owned by Ira Rennert is also completed with squash, tennis, and basketball court.

four-fairfield-pond-ideas four-fairfield-pond


Villa Leopolda

The Villa Leopolda most expensive houses in the world are located in France over 50 acres area. The building has the commercial building sized green house. It is also completed with large guest house, outhouse kitchen, as well as helipad. The building was used in a movie called Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief which is produced in 1955. The giant mansion is owned by Lily Safra who is philanthropist from Brazil.

villa-leopolda-ideas  Villa-Leopolda-Photos



Owned by Muskesh Ambani, Antilia most expensive houses in the world can be found at Mumbai, India. The architecture of the building is not traditional with 27 stories. It is completed with underground parking area with six floors and three helipads.

antilia-most-expensive-houses-in-the-world Antilia-Most-Expensive-Houses-in-the-World-Ideas


Buckingham Palace Most Expensive Houses in the World

This is a palace but it is sure that Buckingham Palace most expensive houses in the world can be considered as house of the Queen of England. The building has 775 rooms.

buckingham-palace-most-expensive-houses-in-the-world-ideas Buckingham-Palace-Most-Expensive-Houses-in-the-World-Images buckingham-palace-most-expensive-houses-in-the-world


The most expensive houses in the world can be found in several countries from the United Kingdom to India. They have many rooms and spread over wide areas.


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