The Most Expensive Piano in the World

It is said that music is universal language and we can make sure that everyone will have their favorite music. Nevertheless, playing music instrument can be special thing moreover if people are playing the most expensive piano in the world.

Piano is not kind of music instrument which can be bought by anyone since it is usually pretty expensive. However, people can find the pianos which are much more expensive.

The price can be shocking but people can see the particular part of the pianos which is worth its price.


The Baby, Goldfinch Pianos

People can find The Baby, Goldfinch Pianos most expensive piano as the piano which is not only elegant but also unique. The piano is the result of collaboration between Based Upon as well as Goldfinch. The design evolution occurs for nine years and this can be the reason why people can see the beauty which is not only timeless but also elite in The Baby. This limited edition piano comes with fluid curves which can be representation of the mysterious waves as well as patterns.



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Kuhn Bosendorfer Grand Piano

The next expensive thing comes from Kuhn Bosendorfer Grand Piano most expensive piano. The piano becomes the result of collaboration between Jon Kuhn and Vienna’s L. Bosendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH. For completing this piano, the producers need more than a year. The bass comes with four extra keys. There is cabinet of the piano with five corners. The piano is decorated with crystals so there is no doubt that this piano is included in the list of piano with the most expensive price.

kuhn-bosendorfer-grand-piano-most-expensive-piano kuhn-bosendorfer-grand-piano-most-expensive-piano-ideas


Galaxy Piano

People can say that Galaxy Piano is one of a kind piano. The Galaxy Piano most expensive piano makes this piano as the musical instrument with the highest price in the world. People can find figurines which are embedded with gold plate. The body is made from fiberglass which is plated with 24k gold. The keys are curved and this is very special design.



Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, Steinway & Sons

There is piano which is most intricate and stunning from Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, Steinway & Sonds most expensive piano. Steinway is famous for its track for producing pianos with high quality. The reason why this piano is considered as the best masterpiece is because of the best acoustic quality which can be found. It also has the special design and also great craftsmanship. That is why it is listed as the most expensive piano in the world.



Red Pops for Parlor Grand

Steinway & Sons still has another piano which is included in the list after all. It is called Red Pops for Parlor Grand most expensive piano. The ebony grand piano comes with the accent of vibrant red. The piano comes with the white and red balance. It also has nickel hardware and silver plate. The soundboard has special decal as well.



John Lennon’s Steinway & Sons Model Z

People will understand about John Lennon’s Steinway & Sons Model Z most expensive piano because this piano is the collaboration between Steinway and Sons and the famous John Lennon. Although the piano is made from common walnut material, it has expensive price since it has fine body with woody look.

john-lennons-steinway-sons-model-z-most-expensive-piano-ideas john-lennons-steinway-sons-model-z-most-expensive-piano


Heintzman Crystal Piano

The crystal body of Heintzman Crystal Piano most expensive piano makes this piano as one of the most expensive products in the world. The piano was designed to be used firstly by Lang Lang, Chinese Pianist during Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony.

People are able to see the specialty of the most expensive piano. It can be about the design, material, and of course the acoustic quality.


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