Try These 10 Mens Lunch Box and See What Happen

It’s not wrong and pretty normal for men bringing their own meal to office or journey. but, it feels wrong, if you bring it on a lunch box that doesn’t looks like what it should be or in simple way, not-so-manly-lunch box. The important question here, is there really mens lunch box?

Yes, there is lunch box that was specially designed for men. And, like its name, you won’t find any cute box like what you usually found on most of lunch box. The box is designed to be simple and functional. Minimalist maybe is the right way to say it and it’s suitable for men.

And, the good thing, there are many of them you can choose. Each of these lunch boxes have different design, which make you easily find what you need and like. And, it’s not only the design that looks great. They’re also rich of feature.


Alite Designs Cypress Lunch Totes (price $35)

This product can be said as the easy and safest lunch box to carry. It has wide area to put your snack, meals and drink, and you can close it with bucket closure. It is also made of durable and water resistant material.


Built Neoprene Spicy Relish Lunch Totes (price$22)

Modern and cool, plus it’s also big size. You can put extra food and drink inside. The design is the main point of this product, which looks so elegant. The stain resistant material also makes this product easy to clean.

built-neoprene-spicy-relish-lunch-ideas built-neoprene-spicy-relish-lunch


Igloo 9-Can Maxcold Wordpmans Meal to Go Manly Lunch Boxes (price $21)

This men’s lunch box has very rugged design to protect your meal inside. It also has leak-resistant liner for extra protection. Plus, there are also many pockets to put your gadget or keys.



Igloo Maxcold Vertical Dual Cooler Manly Lunch Boxes (price $15)

The zipper front pocket is the main feature where you put any gadget or other stuff. This lunch book also has extra insulation to keep your meals warmer or drink cooler for long time.



L.L. Bean Manly Lunch Boxes (price $18)

This is the lunch backpack, because it looks like backpack. The large handle on top makes it easy to carry around. And, it also has extra insulation for keeping your food and drink fresh, plus, the extra pocket for your gadget.



Polar Camera Cooler Lunch Bags for Men (price $50)

This bag has Velcro compartments that make it easy to use. Plus, the cool and manly design makes it suitable for you who want to have meeting or hangout with your friend. It also has insulation and extra pocket.



Sachi Black Insulated Canvas Messenger Totes (price $33)

Has larger space inside for lot of meals and drink that you want to carry around. The design is also very masculine and suitable for men. The front and back pocket is quite large where you can put gadget and other.


Monbento MB Original Bento Lunch Boxes for Men (price $36)

This is two-tier lunch box for men with airtight feature, which make it your best lunch box for traveling. It also has thick black band for more safety. Plus, it also has microwave and dishwasher safe feature.

monbento-mb-original-bento-lunch-boxes-for-men-ideas monbento-mb-original-bento-lunch-boxes-for-men-pictures monbento-mb-original-bento-lunch-boxes-for-men


Packit Personal Cooler Manly Lunch Boxes (price $20)

We can say it as the freezable lunch box for men. You can place meal or drink, put it into freezer and your food and drink can last longer, because it has good insulation feature.



Stanley Classic Lunch Boxes for Men (price $40)

Classic is always the best choice, and this product is one of them. With the most rigid and durable material, this product will give you best protection for meal and drink. The easy to use feature and lips, make it easy very great choice for you.

stanley-classic-lunch-boxes-for-men-ideas stanley-classic-lunch-boxes-for-men-pictures stanley-classic-lunch-boxes-for-men


Basically, there are lots of mens lunch box you can choose. Most of them offer best protection for your meal and drink, because the creator knows that men’s love being outside their house and have physical activity. Even though they create very durable design, the look is the most important. And, all of those products have great and masculine looks like what a lunch box for men should be. So, they’re worth to have.


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