Unbelievable Nail Polish Storage Ideas

Do you like overdo your makeup and accessories? Do you have collections of girly things? Are you kind of girl who likes to match the nail polish and the clothes? Of course, you may have the nail polish collections at home. Girls who have collections of the nail polishes may have difficulties in nail polish storage. Organizing the nail polish bottles can be difficult, tricky and troublesome. They are so tiny, small, too many and too fragile. That’s why the girls try to look for the effective storage to keep them.

Normally, girls like nail polish storage box which is convenient and not too pricey. They need the storage which is always ready and easy to pick the nail polish quickly. There are many kinds of storage ideas you can get from the stores. Some of them are popular for keeping the nail polish while others may be the first time you see.

Nail Polish Storage Ideas Organization

Nail Polish Storage Home

Nail Polish Storage Ideas


Simple Nail Polish Storage

Instead of having the complicated one, the simple nail polish storage case is great option. With the white box which is plain, put the nail polish bottles there. The straight row in this storage will make you easier to choose and get the bottle. This is so simple, quick and modest storage. Another simple and fine storage is the sleek and dark boxes. The box has plenty space for the nail polish bottle.

Nail Polish Storage Case Pictures

DIY Nail Polish Storage Box


The Nail Polish Storage Rack

This storage is made of wooden rack. In this nail polish storage rack, there are many fill-in holes to place the nail polish bottles. This is perfect storage for massive collection of nail polish. Another rack is the bigger one. The simple rack which can be built in the wall can store many bottles. If you organize the color of your nail polish then this rack can be the decoration of your bedroom as well.

Nail Polish Storage Rack

Cool Nail Polish Storage Rack


Many nail polish storage’s are still available in the stores or you can browse it online. You can choose it based on your preference. You should consider the numbers of you nail polish bottles as well. Don’t be you have only little nail polish but you buy the big rack. Or you have numerous nail polish but you buy the small nail polish storage instead. Having the organized nail polish bottles will absolutely help you choose your favorite nail polish which match with your clothes. Moreover, besides, the nail polishes bottles you can add other makeup or accessories in the storage.


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