Unique Way to Save Space with Cool Loft Beds

Many people like to downsize everything recently. Even tiny home becomes a huge trend in these days. Of course, the problem is raising as well specifically the furniture designers should come up with the idea of something new and unique in saving spaces. It becomes challenges for them to solve the problem.

In the bedroom, tiny space creates the idea of cool loft beds. People can sleep above and they have storage below. This loft bed is really effective for small bedroom. The structure of loft beds can be made based on cool loft beds for kids, cool loft beds for girls, cool loft beds for boys, and cool loft beds for adults. This idea gets people’s attention because they think it is clever and compact.

What you have to do is only elevating your bed and creating more spaces below. You can use the spaces for multi-purpose home office guest room. Having loft beds is the most efficient way to decorate small space bedroom.

There is no space can be wasted in this great idea. The stairs can be storage areas, desks or closets. The ladders can have double functions as foot-boards. Even there are loft beds which have pulley system. You can raise it at daytime and lower at night.


Functional and Cool Loft Beds for Kids

Most people love the idea of loft beds as something special. They have multi function and so much fun. Having cool loft beds are the best idea for small bedrooms. Get one cool loft beds for kids and you have more spaces for studying or playing.

Loft beds for kids are really cool and amazing. For some loft beds you can find study desk for older kids under the loft beds. Moreover, for the little one, that space can place for them to play as the kids can put the toys in big space in their room. For kids’ bedroom, loft beds can be used as storage as well.


cool-loft-beds-for-kids-ideas cool-loft-beds-for-kids-images


Perfect and Cool Loft Beds for Girls

Your girls must love the cool loft beds so much. They can share a single room with their siblings. It is good idea if you don’t have much space for bedroom in your house. There are so many kinds of cool loft beds for girls available in furniture shops and online. They offer high quality materials for the frames.

The bunk beds also come in full size and twin mattresses. That’s based on the model. You can complete your girls’ loft beds with accessories such as blankets, sheets, pillows and comforters. The loft beds come in various designs and accommodations.


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The Reason Why You Should Get Cool Loft Beds for Boys

There are three main reasons why you should get your boys cool loft beds. The reasons are based on the organization, productivity and entertainment. For organization, cool loft beds for boys are the best way to save the space.

The boys can share a room and they can keep their stuff organized. Moreover, you can add a desk or entertainment area under the bed frame. It’s hard for boys to concentrate for schoolwork. The desk in the loft beds can help them to focus. Climbing up to the loft beds entertains boys a lot. It is so fun for them.


cool-loft-beds-for-boys-images cool-loft-beds-for-boys-photo


Cool Loft Beds for Adults

Everyone loves to have their own privacy sometimes. However, having cool loft beds for adults is one of solutions for small space. Don’t think about cool loft beds are only for kids. Adult loft beds usually come in better design and size. It is not always the classic design one.


cool-loft-beds-for-adults-photo cool-loft-beds-for-adults-ideas

If you happen only getting a very small apartment and you have limited rooms, don’t worry. You can get a loft. You should make sure that the loft bed is strong enough to hold your weight. Then you can have your floating bed. You can even use your old loft bed and modify it a little.


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