Useful and Cool Mini Bar Cabinet Ideas for Your Kicthen

Mini bar cabinet is very useful for several people specially to make their kitchen looks fabulous or it can be put alcohol drink or wine. Mini bar cabinet come from western culture but in this period, every house in every country also use this cabinet. But, every Mini bar cabinet have a little bit different in several countries. The example is Indonesia, they usually use mini bar and the cabinets for breakfast and put the ingredients such as tea, coffee, milk and cereal in there. Mini bar cabinet is also paired with mini bar and chairs for drink or eat beverages.

Overall, mini bar cabinet is not an important furniture that should be able in every kitchen. But, I think mini bar cabinet can make your kitchen or the room where you put it become cozier and stunning. Mini bar cabinet have several segment which can be used for arrange the drink. It also can keep your room clean and organized. Today’s article I will show you some kind of mini bar cabinet which very multi-functional and I’m sure after you read this article, you will change your useless perception of mini bar into the useful one! Here we go:

Mini Bar Cabinet Design

Mini Bar Cabinet Ideas

Mini Bar Cabinet


Mini bar cabinet plus sink

There are several combination of mini bar cabinet plus sink such as simple, modern and high end combination. In simple way, it only consists with one metal sink placed in mini bar and in one side of mini bar placed the cabinet for places the wine and other drink. Overall, in modern and high end combination are same as the simple one, the different are just amount of cabinets and sinks.

Mini Bar Cabinet with Sink Ideas

Mini Bar Cabinet with Sink Pictures

Mini Bar Cabinet with Sink


Mini bar cabinet plus refrigerator

The other function of mini bar is to put a refrigerator. Because in this article we talk about mini bar cabinet with refrigerator, I suggest you to put a small refrigerator on it and placed it in your living room! I think mini bar cabinet can make your mobilization become easier mostly to have some drink when you on relaxing time! You can use stand mini bar cabinet for places your refrigerator!

Mini Bar Cabinet with Refrigerator Pictures

Mini Bar Cabinet with Refrigerator


Mini bar cabinet for the corner

Mini bar cabinet in the corner can be a choice for you who want to fill corner with meaningful thing. No matter what kind of mini bar cabinet materials I’m sure some interior designers create this type of mini bar cabinet! You can choose mini bar cabinet for your corner in L shape or ¼ circle shape. I suggest you to put keane bar with wine storage from Darby home Co?

Corner Mini Bar Cabinet Ideas

Corner Mini Bar Cabinet Images

Corner Mini Bar Cabinet Images


Modern design of mini bar cabinet

Modern mini bar cabinet is very suitable for simple house design. Most of all, modern or contemporary design of mini bar cabinet have symmetric shape and solid color. I recommend you to choose lytcott bar cabinet from Darby Home Co because it has modern design with large room to put your plates, drinks, glass and bottle! The other recommendation is product from Charlton Home which have same classification with the previous.

Modern Mini Bar Cabinet Design

Modern Mini Bar Cabinet Pictures

Modern Mini Bar Cabinet


Rustic design of mini bar cabinet

Rustic mini bar cabinet can make your kitchen or living room become friendly and humble in rustic nuance. The design looks very simple in reclaimed wood and teak wood. I suggest you to use bar cabinet with wine storage from MOTI Furniture, suzzete wood bar cabinet with wine storage from Uttermost for your rustic nuance. The most important of mini bar cabinet is choose the product according your appetite! As we know, there are so many kind of mini bar cabinet designs but still we have to choose the best one. Don’t forget to check all of the specification and shape before you buy it!

Rustic Mini Bar Cabinet Pictures

Rustic Mini Bar Cabinet Ideas

Rustic Mini Bar Cabinet


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