What Is a Pergola and the Way to Apply It at Your Home

To improve your outdoor area, most people will suggest you to build a pergola. Before doing it, you should know about what is a pergola. This is concerning to the fact that people associate pergola with arbor or carport. In fact, they are different although it looks similar. Pergola is an outdoor frame structure. You can build it custom and mostly it is made of metal or wood.

The similarity is because a pergola also has a roof and the function is to protect the items bellow from sunlight or rain. The different between pergola and arbor is on its material. Pergola tends to use wood for easy maintenance whereas arbor is using vinyl or coated metal.

The big different is about the function in which pergola really care about aesthetic element as well as has more function than arbor. Moreover, you also need to learn about how to create a perfect pergola at home so you can really feel the benefits. It is important to know about what kind of material you can combine with pergola, the type of pergola, and the pergola lighting. Knowing those details will make you think that installing a pergola at home is easy than you can imagine before.


Pergola with Canopy

Actually, it is okay to let the roof top of the pergola open. But sometimes you have to face uncertain weather. Moreover, some of you also want to get more privacy in the pergola. Because of that, you can consider building a pergola with canopy.

Because you already learn about what is a pergola, you can imagine about what kind of canopy you can use. Pergola with canopy is a good option if you want to enjoy personal time with family or best friends for semi formal or formal occasions. To keep the surrounding warm, you can pay attention to the detail such as adding some flowers and plants.


pergola-with-canopy-ideas pergola-with-canopy-photo pergola-with-canopy-pictures


Pergola Swing

There is a case that you want to have a pergola for relaxing place. If it is so, you can just try to build a pergola swing. This type of pergola is unique because the design is more artistic than an ordinary swing. You can feel the warm because of the wood material used. The natural texture of pergola swing makes you relax and calm.

Due to the explanation of what is a pergola, you might consider using your creativity to create an interesting and comfortable pergola swing. Just put at your garden and use it for reading your favorite books, eating your favorite snacks, or just enjoy the day without doing anything except sitting on it.


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Pergola Lighting

Pergola lighting is very important especially if you want to use this area at night. It will be better to use LED light for the pergola. This is because LED lighting gives warmer atmosphere. You can also get more color option of LED light. Just remember that the way you choose the LED light creates different atmosphere for your pergola.

You can install the lamps at the top of the pergola or even the whole area of the pergola. Definitely, you can also create a romantic pergola at home. You can support with any kind of accessories such as classic bulbs to create contemporary ambient in your pergola. When it is done, you can really know what is a pergola?


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Pergola Curtain

Curtain can be a good accessory for your pergola. In fact, pergola curtain gives different effect compared to open space pergola. Pergola curtain gives more privacy in the space. It is also a good option if you want to have romantic dinner with your beloved one. For those who want to invite friends and family in a formal occasion, just consider installing pergola curtain.


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This explanation will give you a clear understanding about what is a pergola and arbor or even car pot. Just make sure to use the right material for the curtain. Then, you can combine it with different type of accessory such as flowers, plants, lamps, and many more.


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