What Is Brickies Sand Used For?

January 12, 2022 home improvement

White brickies sand is one of the leading products that we stock at our Wattleup sand supplies depot because it is widely used for construction and building projects in Wattleup and the surrounding regions. Our white brickies sand at the Wattleup sand supplies depot is the highest grade available locally and possesses many qualities that make it ideal for construction.

White brickies sand is known as a fatty sand that is ideally suited for brick and block work at construction and building sites. It is called a fatty sand because it has a high volume of clay which makes it sticker and easier to mould and work with when it is combined with cement. This brickies sand has many purposes, including:

What Is Brickies Sand Used For?

Brickies sand is vital in all construction projects. When it comes to residential homes, a high percentage are constructed using brick and this brickies sand makes up 70 per cent of the mortar mixture used to create cement.

Because it strikes the perfect balance of clay and silt it makes the cement much more sticky and simple to work with, so brickies sand is the preferred choice for most bricklayers in Western Australia and the entire country.

It is not used exclusively for making the mortar required for bricklaying projects, though. Other uses for brickies sand include:

  • Wall construction
  • Limestone block work
  • Sand joints
  • Roof capping
  • Sporting fields
  • Landscaping and garden projects
  • Agricultural projects

Basically any project that requires a sand with a high clay content can benefit from high-grade brickies sand from our Wattleup sand supplies.

Why Choose Brickies Sand From Our Wattleup Sand Supplies?

Here at Premium Allsands, we take our name seriously and only stock premium products for builders, construction companies and people looking to improve their home. When it comes to our brickies sand, quality control is paramount.

All of our sand is selectively picked and goes through a heavy screening process to ensure quality and consistency across our range. You can rely on every load of our brickies sand to deliver the same high standards as the last.

Following the screening process we further test all of our sands before we authenticate them so you are only getting products that meet our stringent criteria. We have developed a strong reputation for providing quality sand products and stand by this reputation with every product that we sell.

For more information on Premium Allsands and our range of Wattleup sand supplies, give us a call or come and visit our depot to discover the best products for your construction project.