When to Call an Expert for Plaster Ceiling Repair

31 May 2021 Home Improvement
When to Call an Expert for Plaster Ceiling Repair

The plasterboard ceiling is made by incorporating gypsum, with fibre that holds the board with each other. Plasterboard ceilings generally come in a standard dimension of 4ft x 6ft. These are lifted into place, and smaller items are cut to fit the sides of the ceiling known as cornicing.

Aside from simply concealing unattractive cables, incorrect ceilings can also be an aesthetic of your room and by adding cornicing, textures, colours, and lights, you can really enhance the look of your ceiling and bring together your entire room.

When to Call a Professional for Plasterboard Ceiling Repair

While property owners are more than able to fix small ceiling cracks and other such damages to the ceiling plaster, it is still important to have the number of a reputable ceiling repair company and to recognise when to call a professional for plaster repair. Storm damage, load-bearing damage, structural damage resulting in large cracks, and a sagging ceiling will all require a plaster contractor. When a huge part of plaster has pulled away from the wood lath behind it, the weight of that stucco can result in the entire ceiling collapsing.

Plaster ceiling repair specialists will locate the problem, know the cause of the problem and, quickly remedy the problem without further damage occurring. Additionally, they can also ensure the repaired patch or section of the ceiling is perfectly matched to the rest of your ceiling including those decorative additions like crown plaster mouldings, medallions, and so on. Reconstruction specialists also typically make moulds or casts of these details for a specific copy.

To guarantee your house’s valuable plaster outlining is maintained, call a repair expert when those attractive areas or items need fixing. Common Questions:

1. Can You Paint Over Harmed Plaster?

Painting over repaired plaster can conceal filler products and also patching compounds, but the paint itself is not suggested to mask damaged plaster. Keep in mind, too, that it can be challenging to match the exact shades on walls and ceilings. A plaster fixing specialist can discover the most effective paints to utilise for your ceilings.

2. How Do You Install a Plaster Ceiling?

Many people think you can use drywall to fix or install a plaster ceiling. Although it is frequently simpler to fix when required, plaster is much stronger than drywall and doesn’t feed mould and mildew growth. In many cases, plaster can even increase the value of your house, specifically if the plaster includes detailed crown plaster mouldings and medallions.

However, with all major ceiling repair and installation work, we always recommend hiring a specialist. This is not a job that is easy to get right. If you do the job yourself you have no guarantee of success and any issues with the job will cost you more to get fixed than if you hired a specialist in the first place.

3. The Length of Time Does It Take To Repair a Plaster Ceiling?

Keep in mind that plaster is not merely nailed to timber studs, yet is accumulated or applied layer by layer. Plaster ceiling repair can therefore take many days, depending upon the extent of damage, as a repairperson includes those layers independently.

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